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The Sharon Women Group Project

In November 2021, the Resource and Development Coordinator, Mr. Moses Odera, came up with the Sharon Women Group project idea.

After realizing that most of the people living in the community had no source of income; or were not involved in micro-banking and saving groups.


Mr. Moses conducted basic training on micro-savings and banking and the importance of having an income-generating activity. 

He organized a group of 20 women who were passionate and interested in this project. 

These women appointed a chairperson, treasurer, and secretary as their group leaders. 

With the knowledge and information they were taught, the 20 members of this group could develop ideas for income-generating activities and table banking. 


They usually meet twice a month to discuss the group’s progress, challenges they have encountered, solutions to challenges they have faced, and do table banking. 

They give a monthly contribution of 200 shillings to the treasurer. 

With this money, most of them can do small-scale businesses as part of their income generation from the saving.


The Sharon Women Group members grow plenty of vegetables, including; cowpeas, carrots, kales, and very nutritious spider plants. 

Vegetables serve as a source of vitamins and provide essential minerals in our bodies. 

This group’s hard work and dedication have produced enough vegetables to feed children, students, and staff during lunchtime at the Mission. 


The women help in cleaning the mission offices and classes. 

They have also participated in watering the plants and flowers at the Mission.


From their savings, Members are entitled to get loans. Those members with financial emergencies have benefited from the loans they get from these groups. 

Members hope to increase their numbers and the monthly subscriptions to attract more interest and savings for the group.


As their savings continue to grow, they hope to introduce more income-generating projects, such as poultry-farming, dairy-farming, goats, bee-keeping -to name a few.


 Members of this group are so passionate and happy with their group’s progress. They have gone the extra mile to educate and share their knowledge about basic saving skills and income-generating project ideas with other community members and shown them the importance of joining the group.

The Sharon Women Group, under the leadership of Mr. Moses, are proud of their achievements so far. They hope to have more income-generating projects and ideas -and create more income for themselves and their families. 

Staff Member getting her vegetablesThanks to Sharon Group!


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