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Teaching Crafts To The Youth

Ms. Sarah Olwero, the community project leader, is on a venture to teach the Umala Mission youth how to make crafts.

To succeed, she has to consider many aspects of the project. 

Ms. Sarah says the following about the process. 

What you can teach and where you can teach can be surprisingly intertwined, and you need to consider various logistical factors. 

It would help if you thought through the logistics of how your teaching venue impacts the skills you can teach.

Your decision about what to teach will also have a significant impact. 

The type of project and craft skills you decide to teach will have some fundamental characteristics that you’ll need to think through to ensure your project’s success.

Before you venture into teaching any particular craft, consider the following: 

  • What tools and equipment are required to do my craft?
  • Are the tools available in Umala? 
  • Do I need to ship them from another city in Kenya? 
  • Are the tools affordable?
  • What raw materials are required to do my craft?
  • Are the raw materials portable?
  • Do the raw materials require any particular type of handling or storage?
  • What precautions do I need to take to do and teach my craft safely?
  • Will students need any safety equipment?
  • Will I need a room with ventilation, a fire extinguisher, or other safety gear?
  • Is there any part in making my craft that is risky enough that I’m not comfortable teaching it to others?
  • How much basic skill is required of my students to be successful with the craft? 
  • Can a total beginner create a satisfying project with some instruction?

Where the student will sell the final product is something to consider. 

How will they market the product? 

Sales & Marketing is a lesson Ms. Sarah focuses on teaching the Umala Youth. 

So far, the soap-making project has had tremendous success. 

Ms. Sarah has many other craft ideas that she plans to teach the youth -to help them learn to create income for themselves. 

Photo: Curtesy of Ms. Sarah


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