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Spiritual Warfare -How to Get Prepared

When God called you to the mission, you answered because deep down the conviction was strong. One person is not thrilled though about your choices and actions. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy while the word of God through you will save and preserve whoever comes into contact with it.
As a result, the devil will wedge a spiritual war in your life. Spiritual warfare refers to Christians fighting against the power of evil forces that intervene and destroy your life. There are four main ways to combat this spiritual warfare while on a mission:

Be Confident
A time will come when you will feel like you are not good enough, have doubts about the tasks ahead.
Galatians 1: 15-16. ” Even before I was born God had chosen me,” he writes. When the small still voice spoke to you, you were handpicked by God himself, and He knew that you were the right person for the task!
If you have confidence in your calling, no fear the devil will try to instill in you will penetrate your spirit because your calling has been rubber-stamped by God!

Have Faith
The Apostle Paul terms faith as a shield, in Ephesians 6: 16, He writes that “faith will extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one”
Armed with your firm belief in Christ and His teachings you will be able to withstand the devil’s attacks. Faith coupled with determination will protect you from the warfare that the devil will bring your way.
Just like Abraham when he was preparing to sacrifice his only child, but He had faith in God, fight your spiritual warfare the same way Esther did for her people before the king!

Praise God
When undergoing a difficult period in your Christianity, praise God.
In Psalms 22:3, the bible says that the Lord dwells close to those who honor Him. He inhabits the praises of His people!
Praise Him when at your lowest place, sing His praises when in doubt. He will fight your battle and cause the devil to flee from your life.
Praises will turn your focus back to God in case the devil had captured your mind captive by filling it with lies.

Be Truthful
The devil is a master of deception. This is one of his tactics when he is fighting you.
Arming yourself with the truth that comes from God will help you. The belt of truth is the first armor of God that Paul talks about in Ephesians 6: 10- 17.
When you believe in the word of God, no lie that the devil feeds you will influence or change your beliefs. At some point in your spiritual life, you might fall into temptations and sin against God, be honest and truthful when such a situation arises. Take responsibility and ask for forgiveness. Being in denial and shifting blame will give the devil an opportunity to influence your thoughts further and widen the rift between you and God.
Allow for the Holy Spirit to administer and led you back to the right route to God.

We have all fallen short of Gods glory and favor, but we have been redeemed and saved by His word and through His son Jesus Christ.
The devil is not happy about the lost battle, and he will look for an opportunity to fight and win souls back.
Arm yourself with the Word and trust God. As you go on with winning more souls to God, be encouraged for the devil has already lost!

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