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Spending the Evening at Umala Village

While at on the mission, after a long day of service and spreading of the word, the evening plays a crucial role in your life.
Evenings are a time for reflection of the day’s events and occurrences, a the time for you to write about your day in your journal.
It is the time for you to reach out to your family and say hello while updating them how your day has been. You will learn more of your host’s culture, norms, and traditions as the sun sets on the horizon.
The Bible emphasizes of spiritual rest in Matthew 11: 28 because physical rest is as good to the body as spiritual rest.

The villagers come from work in the evening

Despite most of the villagers working in their own farms and homesteads to make their living, there is an increase in the population that goes out of the village for work to fend for their families.
As the sun sets, you will notice groups of people heading home from the day’s work, be it in the social amenities in the area or the market where they trade. You wouldn’t miss a group of women with a load on their heads in tradition baskets that contains goodies for their families from the market. Men on bicycles and motorbikes are another common sight in the evenings.


Domestic animals

As you reflect on your day, if your host has a cow you will see them milking the animals and securing them in their stables to restrict their movements. In most cases, poultry is separated from the other animals and kept away from attacks.


Evening meal preparation

Women in Umala village will amaze you; they will always plan ahead when it comes to meals despite their busy schedules. You will notice that they are running up and down the homestead while issuing the instructions to the other members of the family on evening chores while preparing the evening meal. When you see your host all busy and hurried, be ready for a sumptuous dinner of maybe fish and ugali!


Learning time

There are a few families back in the village who sit down after dinner to catch up on their day’s events and occurrences. Gone are the days when these settings were used for narrations and sharing of folk tales and teachings to the young ones.
This time can be used to learn the host’s lifestyles while you can continue sharing the Good news through bible stories and parables.

 umala village

While on your mission, it is rare for you to take time off during the day and enjoy your surroundings and scenery. Choose evenings for a stroll and enjoying the fresh air. Listen to the birds sing with the crickets chirping as you watch the sun go down the clouds. Take time to marvel on God’s creation!

Preparation of the new day ahead

Mission work is just like any other work, and it needs proper preparation for the day ahead in you need to succeed. You can work on the following day’s teachings, scriptures and pray for God’s guidance and directions before you retire to bed.

Set your mind on exploring, journaling, learning and enjoying your stay in the evenings while on a mission trip.

“Evening is the time for real experimentation. You never want to look the same way.”
Donna Karan

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