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Sharon Nursery First Graduation

There is no better joy than a parent watching their child achieve every milestone in their life. Going to school is one of them. But graduating from one step to another crowns everything. 

July 15th, 2021, was a sunny and bright day at Sharon Nursery School. The children were extremely excited because it was their graduation day. This day would always remind them of their time at school and what it took them to move forward.

Sharon Nursery is a project of the Umala Mission. 

The school started on January 15th, 2020, with only 25 children -who registered that day. One year later, the first lot of children made one step forward. They graduated from Nursery school to class one.

The Graduands

Seven children were lucky to graduate and move to class one. This was such an outstanding achievement, considering it’s been about a year since the school first opened. It’s an event that motivated the kids who looked forward to a beautiful future.

The Attendees

This was an extraordinary day for the children due to the important figures in attendance! The event was not only attended by parents, teachers, and the children alone. Village elders also happily joined the event to help their parents congratulate them. It meant a lot to the children who were happy to get their support.

This school has brought positive transformation to the Umala village.

A Small Lunch

After the celebration, the event was graced by a small lunch. The school prepared this meal to cap off the festival, and it was delicious!

A sumptuous meal was served, which marked the climax of the ceremony. Parents enjoyed the meal as they chatted about how well the celebration went.


The graduation of these kids would not have been successful without their hardworking teachers. It’s significant to have such an excellent and hardworking staff. 

 A big thanks to teachers Diphina, Hilda, and Josephine. 

The parents and kids thanked them for their hard work to see that their children reached such a level. Indeed, the kids would not have made it without them.


How can we forget their parents? This occasion was attended by parents of the graduands and other kids who were proceeding with their studies. 

It was a joyful moment for them to watch these kids moving a step forward. This means that their efforts as parents were not in vain. 

From their comments and reaction, this was one of the best events that made them appreciate the Sharon Nursery community as a whole.

While this was the first graduation with only seven children, it was indeed a big success. The children who remained were motivated and also looked forward to graduating in the coming years. 


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