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How To Prevent Hypertension

If you make a few lifestyle changes, you can prevent hypertension.
Your Diet
The most significant portion of your food should be rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and traditional food like brown ugali, sweet potatoes, cassava, and arrowroots.
Food rich in fiber and low in fats helps you maintain a healthy weight.

A healthy protein diet contains fish, beans, milk, omena, eggs, and natural chicken.
For carbohydrates, eat pumpkin, cassava, maize, sweet potatoes, brown bread, and cooked plantain, which helps build the body.

Vegetables include; spinach, kunde, sukuma, cabbage, kales, and leafy vegetables rich in fibers.
Fruits include; watermelon, pineapple, apples, bananas, mangoes, and carrots.

Foods to Avoid include
Fried eggs, samosas, French fries, sausages, mandazi, sodas, and energy drinks.

You should also eat foods with less salt and fat.

Regular exercise is advised, and getting plenty of rest.
Avoid stressful situations as much as possible to prevent you from getting hypertension.

woman having blood pressure monitor

Regular monitoring of your blood pressure is advisable.
Come to Umala Mission for Free Blood Pressure and Weight Screening every Tuesday & Friday.

Written By: Venessa Dexter


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