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Health Education Day at Umala Village

November 11th, 2020 was a day everyone was waiting for with much anticipation.

The village would participate in their first health education day and have their Blood Pressure checks done.

Health needs are a priority at Umala Village.

Members of the community came from the wider Umala Village, which comprises of four villages, closely knit together.

There were fifty-five participants in total. 

Health Services

The nearest Government health facility is two miles away from the village. Accessing timely health services can be a daunting task. The Government facility charges for services, and people in the community may not afford the medical costs.

Most of Umala Village inhabitants are peasant farmers and live on less than a dollar a day.  

Umala Village mission has ably partnered with Nasio Trust, a child non-government organization in Musanda, with a fully-fledged health facility, to bring Health services right into the community’s heart.

The Nasio Trust organization has many years of experience working with the surrounding communities.

Health Talk Topics

There were several topics taught, which included: 

      -Blood Sugar levels; prevention and management

      -Signs and symptoms of COVID 19 and Malaria

      -The difference between COVID 19 and Malaria Symptoms

      -Safe use and maintenance of face masks

      -Types of family planning methods

      – Signs and symptoms of prostate cancer

      -Community Health strategy linkage

      – HIV and AIDS; signs and symptoms

Benefits of the Health Talk

The community accessed and benefited from important health information passed across by the Nasio Trust Health facilitators and medics -at no cost, which is empowering. 

The community benefited from Blood pressure checks, and some members received prescriptions.

Statistics include: 

        – Three participants were placed on medication

        – Five participants were referred to the nearby hospital for having high blood pressure

        – Two members are known hypertensives and came to confirm their BP numbers


The event witnessed an observance and adherence of COVID 19 safety precautions -following the ministry of Health guidelines.

Participants wore safety masks; social distancing observed, hand washing with soap and sanitizers placed at strategic places.

Lessons learned

Health talks and clinics bring the much-needed services right into the heart of the community.

 Most people live with conditions unknowingly but can now know their health status -hence treat and manage the conditions diagnosed.

With interest shown and the Blood Pressure findings, there is definitely a need to bring medical health services closer.  


  • Medical needs are always diverse and necessary. 
  • The community appreciated this first Health talk and clinic, and with resources available, the health talk and clinic should occur frequently.
  • More hand washing devices and sanitizers are needed for large gatherings. COVID is a threat; hence adequate measures should be put in place to counter the same.

Being the first Health Day at Umala Village, community members felt it was a great success.

Blog Post By: Peter Misango

Community Development Officer

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