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Wake Up!
A mother instructs her son because today is the first day of school at Sharon Nursery.

Sharon Nursery opened on January 15th, 2020 at Umala Village.
On that day, twenty-five kids registered.
The class building needed some repairs and was not ready to be used immediately, so the class was held in a tent.

The children report to school at 0730, and the lessons are over by noon.
They have a nutritious mid-morning cereal made of millet, soya flour, and corn-floor, alongside with fruits.

At the moment, they don’t have a uniform; however, a good friend of Umala Village Mission has mobilized her women group to make lovely children’s uniforms.

Early Childhood Development programs are needed in this community. The children’s ages are three and four years.
This pre-school will provide learning to the child academically and socially.
It also prepares the child to be ready for more complex learning.

When the mother sends her young child to the nursery, not only does it educate the child, but it also frees the mother to engage in economic activities like selling food in the market, or farming.

The members of the community highly appreciate the opening of the school.

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