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Short-term Mission

A Favorite Dish at Umala Village

While on your short-term mission, the local food will play a huge role during your stay.
Your knowledge about the meals eaten beforehand will prepare you for what to expect.
Cornmeal or best referred to as maize-meal is one of the staple foods eaten in Umala.
The common name used is ‘Ugali.’
You can eat Ugali with Tilapia which is readily available from Lake Victoria.

Ugali will fuel your body with energy because it is a starch.
When the maize plant matures, it is left to dry and then harvested. The corn is then removed from the cob and further dried under the direct sunlight.

The dried maize is prepared by separating the grain from the chaff.
There is a unique posho mill in the village used to grind the grain.

You can practice cooking Ugali even before you travel to Umala. Here are the instructions:

Two cups white cornmeal
Four cups of water

One large saucepan with cove
One rounded wooden cooking spoon

Heat the water in a wide saucepan to boil.
Slowly pour the cornflour into the boiling water.
Make sure no lumps form by stirring.
Stir using a wooden spoon continuously and mash any lumps that form.
Slowly add corn flour until it is thicker than mashed potatoes.
Cook for 7 – 10 minutes and continue to stir.
Cover the saucepan to simmer for 3 minutes.
Shape the ugali.
Serve immediately with Tilapia.

There is plenty supply of fish in Umala village from the neighboring villages and towns.
The fish comes from the fishermen of Busia Town.
Fish will provide your body with the much-needed protein during your stay at Umala.
The fishmongers sell them at an affordable price, making it a perfect accompaniment to ugali.


How to Prepare Tilapia:
Clean the fish and remove the scales before you begin cooking.

One medium tilapia.
One teaspoon of salt
1 cup cooking oil

Rub the salt all over the fish including the insides.
Heat the cooking oil in a wide pan
When the oil is hot, place in the tilapia.
Cover the pan.
After 7 minutes your fish is well fried.
Serve & enjoy!

At Umala you cannot avoid this fantastic meal of ugali and fish. You will have enough energy to propel you through the day as you spread the word of God!
This local delicacy is a meal you will always look forward to eating.

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