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What Ladies Need to Carry on a Trip to Kenya

When God calls you, listen and answer.
The process of embarking on a short-term mission outside your country begins when you say yes!
Nothing makes ladies nervous like the idea of packing for the trip because you may get confused about what to carry,  since everything seems essential.
Whether necessary or not, traveling light should be glued to your mind as you go about the packing process.
The Bible portrays Jesus moving around easily in His missions. -Emulate Him.
In this article, I want to talk about the main areas to consider when packing for a short-term mission trip.

There are several seasons recorded in the areas that one might be going for the mission.
Depending on your research, carry what is suitable for the weather.

Backpacks are highly recommended because they are ideal for light travel.
Carry a second small piece of luggage with wheels for smooth movement along the journey.
A check-in bag should be carried separately for personal effects, essential documents, and will be carried along when boarding the plane.

It’s in woman’s genetics to think they have to bring everything along because you never know! -But when on a mission, one has to be disciplined and carry what is necessary.
Because of the local cultures values, one should consider modest clothing as her dress code.
Pack at least two Capri, light linen or cargo pants, two long sleeved shirts to be paired with the pants and will come in handy protecting the arms away from bugs.
A few t-shirts will be ideal for the day to day activities, and they are easy to fold and pack.
Some communities are reserved when it comes to women dressing for church. A long skirt can be used for attending church services.
At least three bras and several underwears should be included in the luggage.
When relaxing or exercising, one pair of yoga pants will come in handy, paired with a t-shirt will help you unwind after a long day of work.
A bandana can be used to pull your hair away from the face and can serve as a handkerchief during the hot days. Finally, a hat will help to keep the sun away while protecting your eyes and face.

There is a lot of walking involved during a mission trip, a pair of sneakers will be ideal for these long walks around the villages.
During the hot weather, a pair of sandals will help in relaxing your feet after spending the whole day in sneakers.

You have your particular preferences when it comes to toiletries. When traveling light, I cannot emphasize you only bring the necessary items for your stay.
These include:
• Hair shampoo and conditioner
• Soap or body wash
• Deodorants
• Hairbrush
• Hair bands
• Hair oil
• Toothbrush and toothpaste
• Razor or shaving kit
• Sanitary towels or tampons
• Wet wipes
• Wash clothes
• Bath towels
• Hand sanitizer
• Sunscreen and sunglasses
• Insect repellant, anti-malarial tablets, painkillers and blister pads
• Flashlight

Gadgets and Entertainment 
With the evolving gadgets in the modern world, a smartphone will serve as a source of entertainment, camera, and recording device.
Personal music files will help you unwind after a long day of hard work.
During the visit, it’s natural for one to want to take the memories encountered back home, a smartphone with a large storage capacity will serve this purpose. An external power bank will ensure the phone is charged while away on the mission. A set of powerful earbuds and the phone charger should not be left behind.
Globally ladies are known to love photos; maybe a small camera can be brought along to help with capturing the memories.

Important Documents
Always make sure that your travel documents are with you during the mission trip.
These should all always be current and up to date. One should not forget the Bible during this trip, a notebook and of course a journal to document private thoughts and ideas. Vaccination documents should not be left behind. Carry enough money to buy gifts for your host family and gifts for people back home should be factored in when budgeting.

Early packing will enable you to ensure that you have included all the necessary items for the trip. If you have over packed, you can also reduce the luggage to what is required.
God’s word speaks of sacrificing oneself to serve Him that includes forgoing the preferred material items to basic and necessary ones and focusing on the word of life.
Armed with the requirements, the will and strength of God, look forward to the mission and spread the word to all corners of the World!

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