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Volunteering at Umala Mission is a great way to bless others with your skills, time and talents.

 Kenya is an apt destination to find a combination of old and new cultures and a home to share your passion for people.

Umala Mission provides an opportunity to experience Africa for yourself, allows you to immerse yourself in a new culture and make a sustainable difference in the community.

We offer different programs and there is always one that suits you.


Evangelism Program

Volunteer with Farm Animals

Volunteer in the Wellness Clinic

Volunteer in Construction and Repair work

Skills Training

The programs include: 

1. Evangelism Program

Uncover new opportunities to interconnect your passion with God’s heart. 

This evangelism opportunity allows you to engage your passion through a unique experience that will enable you to grow as a Christian. 

It helps you find your place in God’s plan for redemption.

Many volunteers have found the experience intensely rewarding on a personal level because the program allows an individual to see the everyday impact of living simply in the village, putting many first-world problems into perspective.

You’ll help teach the word of God by running Bible studies, prayers, and youth evangelism.

Your efforts will positively impact and help heal souls because the program is community-driven and focuses on supporting spiritual needs.

2. The Farm Project

Do you have a passion for farming?

Volunteer with our Farming department by caring for animals and offering your expertise to the workers. 

3. Health Care Volunteers

Our Wellness Clinic is a great place to volunteer.

We offer health education and support our patients with their monthly hypertensive and diabetic medication. 

Participating in the Mobile Clinics is one way of reaching the larger community.

4. Construction & Repair Work

Are you good with your hands?

Things fall apart daily with buildings. 

Our buildings are earth friendly and always need repair work. 

Your expertise and assistance would be highly appreciated. 

5. Skills Training

The Dorcas Women are always looking to learn skills that can help them improve their entrepreneurship ventures.

If you have a particular skill that can be monetized, come & train the Dorcas women.

After volunteering, we would encourage you to go for a Safari to the National Park, like Masai Mara.

We work with a local company that would plan your trip.


1. International and domestic airfare & Travel Visa to Nairobi, Kenya

2. Travel Insurance

3. The cost of the flight from Nairobi to Kisumu varies; on average, a return ticket is $ 150

4. Hotel accommodation in Nairobi is, on average, $130 per night.

5. Taxi in Nairobi -on average, is $ 20

6. Car Hire from Kisumu to Umala is $ 50 per Day

Costs per Day at the Mission

 You need to cover food, transport, and Accommodation in Umala.

Transportation: Car Hire is $50 per day (can be shared with other volunteers) 

Simple Accommodation at a Village Hotel is $22 for bed & breakfast

Accommodation:  Airbnb is $ 25 per day 

Laundry: $8 for ten clothing items hand washed 

Kenyan Special Home Meal: $ 7 per plate


We request all our volunteers to fundraise a minimum of $ 500 before coming.

We ask for $ 200 before traveling and the remaining on arrival to Umala, Kenya.  

This money helps run the mission programs & administration. 

For Inquiries, send an email to:    

Dr Abraham at: 


Joyce at: priscarewellness@gmail .com



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