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The Seasons of Umala Village

Umala is a small village found in Mumias sub-county in Kakamega County, which is approximately 244 miles from Nairobi the capital city of Kenya.
The small township of Mumias is associated with one of the biggest sugar factories in the country called Mumias Sugar Company.
Umala village is an attractive location for anyone seeking to embark on short-term missions.

From Nairobi, you can either choose to reach Umala via road or by air. The most convenient airstrip is in Kisumu, and from there you will use a vehicle to Umala.

Village Life
As the sun rises in this village, one cannot miss the hope ignited and aroused by the warm sunlight rays sneaking from the skies at the horizons.
The dawn chorus by the numerous birds’ species in the area sets in a happy and joyful mood for the day.
The villagers wake up early to embark on their chores and activities that help them meet their daily needs.
The dwellers of Umala mainly depend on agriculture and farming as a source of their livelihood -making it their primary economic activity.
Some people, however, head to Mumias town to work in the sugar factory, government offices and other social places like schools and hospitals in the area.

The weather in Umala is characterized by the relatively warm temperatures all around the year.
January present beautiful weather to visit and explore the village of Umala. The temperatures range between 80 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
The hottest months in this area are February and March. During this period the highest temperatures recorded were 100 Fahrenheit while the lowest it got to was 65 Fahrenheit.
April to July is known as the cold season with frequent rainfall which is known as the long rains. The temperatures recorded during these months’ are between 45-60 Fahrenheit.

August -December
The rest of the year from August to December is cooler with little rainfall in the afternoons. This time is referred to as the short rains.
The temperatures range between 75 and 50 Fahrenheit. With such an excellent climate throughout the year, each season can be termed as an ideal time for you to engage in short-term missions in Umala.

Warm clothing and protective footwear like boots will come in handy when trekking on the terrain of Umala. A pair of sandals, light clothes will be valuable during the high-temperature warm seasons so they should be part of your luggage.
The weather all through the season has been characterized as friendly but cold mornings and chilly evenings will be experienced in the cold season especially from April to July.

Be confident to visit and enjoy yourself among the warm, welcoming people of Umala. Carrying out your missionary duties requires commitment and sacrifices in one’s life. Umala village will guarantee you a home away from home as you carry out your religious duties.
“Go and serve knowing that you do not go alone” – Henry B. Eyring

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