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Stand Firm in Your Faith When Tempted

Apostle Paul warns you as a Christian not to conform to the ways of this world.
He further emphasizes to ‘renew your mind’ according to the will of God in Romans 12: 2.
The journey of seeking the face of God can have many temptations.
As a missionary, your faith will be tried on more than one occasion.
God’s word, however, reassures you that you will not be tempted beyond your ability.
1 Corinthians 10: 13 tells you God is faithful and He will provide you with a way out of the circumstances.
The son of God Jesus Christ himself faced a trying time during his time here on earth.

While on a short-term mission, expect temptations to come from all angles. Your faith will waver and be shaken.
Here are some ways you can emerge victorious from the planned downfall by the enemy.

Know the word of God
Suit up in the full armor of God, know your word!
In Ephesians 6, the Bible tells you to arm yourself with the sword of the spirit, shield of faith, breastplate of righteousness, helmet of salvation belt of truth and boots of peace.
With this armor, you will know how to respond to the devil when he brings temptations your way.
With the living truth, the devil will be shut down.
Be alert, on the lookout for any fight. A prepared soldier is always ready for battle in a moment’s notice. -Arm yourself accordingly.

Be submissive to God
James 4:7, the bible tells you to submit yourself to God and resist the devil.
As a result, the devil will flee away from you.
Having good knowledge about God through the Bible will prepare you for the battle the enemy will bring your way.
A typical example you can relate to is when Jesus the son of God was templated, the authority of God’s word was well established in the mind of Jesus, and He was able to emerge victorious at the end of the day.

Process with the word
When faced with temptations, use the word of God to process and respond to it.
Jesus used the same word to filter and perceive the situation He faced. The bible will be your guide in life by giving you the correct view of how life should be. Be guided by the promises made by God in the Bible when your faith is shaken.
He promised to get you through any difficult situation when you put your trust in Him in Proverbs 30:5

React with the word
Respond with word of God, quote powerful scriptures when attacked.
Knowing the word is one thing and speaking it out loud has enormous power in it.
There is an authority that comes when something is said out loud.
Quote the relevant scriptures when under attack, remind God of His promises to get your out of the situation and watch the devil flee as you emerge victoriously.

When faced with temptations while on the mission, and in your Christian life, remind yourself that if Jesus was under the same circumstance and he won -so will you.
Trust me God knows it all, and He is aware of the battle! So onward Christian soldiers, march to the war with Jesus Christ going before you!
“Do not be afraid or discouraged…the battle is not yours but God’s”2 Chronicles 20:15

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