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IS GOD CALLING YOU TO BE A MISSIONARY? Do you want to heed the call but you have doubts? If these questions are lingering on your mind, then the short-term mission is definitely for you. A short-term mission is the mobilization of a Christian missionary for a short time. The period can range from days to months and even a year. In Mark 16: 15, the Lord commands His chosen people to go to the world and preach to all nations. Nothing is more fulfilling than following the command of the God and getting the good word out to the corners of the world? With the difficulties and challenges involved in the missionary work, one may ask themselves why they should embark on such a journey. Below are the leading five reasons why one should go on a short-term mission trip.

EXPERIENCE GOD'S HEART When you decide to step out and carry out a foreign mission trip, you will encounter God in unusual ways. Our God is the father of nations when you travel abroad to spread the good news; you will come into contact with different countries and people all who believe and adore the same God you worship. God’s love and mercy towards different people will affirm your belief in a loving global God that you serve.

DEVELOP GRATITUDE When you visit Umala Village, there will be a change in your attitude and life in general. As a missionary, you will look back at the “better” experience you have back home and be grateful. Small things and aspects that you ignore or not pay attention to will matter. Good food, a lovely house, fancy clothes among others, are small blessings that you will go back home with renewed appreciation.

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS While on a mission, you will be able to develop and nurture relations and friendship among the people. The people you encounter in your missions trip will have similar goals and purposes despite the difference in culture and race. As a missionary, while ministering alongside other Christians the Holy Spirit will create a powerful bond amongst you expand your spiritual family.

The Bible relates such relationship with Paul and the churches he encountered in all the countries he visited. Such relations, in the long run, lead to the construction of social amenities in the areas like schools and hospitals which benefit the community.

EXPAND GOD'S KINGDOM The calling to missionary work is majorly about bringing more souls to the Lord. When you engage in a short-term mission, you will be playing a significant role in the expansion of the Lord’s kingdom. It’s a calling that someone has to answer to and if you are the person in question, the Bible tells us of the blessings one will reap as a benefit.

CULTURAL EXPERIENCE As a missionary, you will come in contact with different customs and community norms which are different to yours back home. Different foods and practices are part of the mission assignment experiences. These encounters will leave you with a broad perspective of life and communities in different areas of the globe.

STEP OUT The above reasons should motivate you to answer the calling and step out into the unknown world for evangelism. Still in doubt? Remember that the Lord goes before you and He will order your steps for the entire period you are working in His service.


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