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Sharon Nursery Educational Tour

The Sharon Nursery children recently visited the Nasio Trust Organization.
The trip entailed exploring the Nasio Trust agricultural farm.
They saw the fishing farm, a Spirulina farm of algae that grows on water and aids the supplementary needs of the community, and their livestock farm.
It is important to teach agricultural potential early, as agriculture remains the backbone of Kenya, Africa, and the global economy and is the leading employer nationally.

Poverty kills the souls of children. The most harmful impact of poverty on
children is the misinterpretation of the perceptions of their lives and self. Children are plain books; they are born open and curious to learn, and their environments lay the foundation for their ultimate perception.

Research supports the claim that it is in the preschool age that the children’s brain lays down the foundation for their identity, beliefs on learning, health, and general conduct (National Research Council, 2015). Often, underprivileged Children suffer the decapitating impact of poverty by developing limiting beliefs about their capabilities, opportunities, and
worth, resulting in taught powerlessness, fostering negative assumptions about the future, and reinforcing cycles of poverty.

The critical investment in disadvantaged children is teaching them who they are, away from the scarcities of poverty, achievable through
providing alternative enriched learning environments.

That day, the children had lots of fun jumping on the swings, slides, climbing structures, and other playing tools.
They then interacted with St Irene Nursery learners (The Nasio Organization Nursery), putting their social and physical skills into practice.

Outdoor learning has a myriad of advantages for young children. Research
shows that trips can benefit class learning by putting children in practical situations to practice what they have been taught in language and mannerisms.
It also allows children to find new interests and passions, such as agriculture.
It creates opportunities for personal development, building confidence, social interactions, and bonding with classmates.
Most importantly, it creates memories and expands their horizons.

It is essential to expose the children of Sharon Nursery to a multitude of refined environments to open their minds to the abundance in life and their swell potential.
The way to wholesomely end poverty is to aim where it latches -in the hearts of children.


National Research Council. (2015). Transforming the workforce for children from birth through age 8:
A unifying foundation.

Written By: Shamim Atira


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