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When God calls you on a mission trip, He gives you a purpose.
When you answer the call, you set out to spread the word to the nations.
From the contributions of brethren, Eric and Desmond were able to answer that call.
The warm weather, welcoming happy people are what greeted the two men who were on a short-term mission to dig a well.

The Discovery
The Umala Village community faces challenges when it comes to water for their household purposes. The women and children are tasked with traveling for miles to fetch this precious commodity. It only makes sense to bring water closer to the community.

The Process
After a series of meetings organized by their host and the village leaders, a suitable location was identified for the well to be dug.
The site of the well was reached by considering the distance to the villagers. It had to be easily accessible to all.
The parties worked on a budget suitable for the task to be completed.

The Work
Desmond and John did the groundbreaking of the well and dug a few more minutes mostly in the morning before the sun got too hot to work.
When the task became hard, they sought assistance from other young and energetic locals.
The village masons came together to cement part of the well to a specified depth, and the top portion on the ground.
As the process continued, they started preaching and teaching the word of God to the crowd that was slowly building.
This was not an ordinary occurrence in the village. The village was getting its first well, and visitors were doing it, everyone wanted to be part of the history!

The Fun Part
As time went by, the villagers broke into song and dance to encourage the diggers to keep going.
Women retreated to their huts to prepare food and bring water to the crowds at the well location. The men took turns in the digging so that their tired and blistered hands could rest and get relief.

After two weeks of hard labor, one of the diggers screamed from inside of the now deep water well. He had struck and reached the water source.
The crowds broke into song and dance celebrating the milestone achieved. Desmond and John joined in the now familiar moves as they silently thanked God for the victory.

Umala Well

Flowing Water
It will take time for the village to acquire a water pump for the well but after two weeks they can use a pipe to fetch water and put it in containers.
The women can now use water that is closer to them rather than traveling three miles.

“Water is life” were the words the village elder scribbled on the wet plastered surface. Desmond and John signed under the village elder’s signature, their contribution to the village will never be forgotten.

Successful Mission
At the end of their short-term mission, the two departed. They had heeded the call, preached the word and touched lives.
As the goodbyes were said, the look of gratitude on the faces of the villagers spoke volumes.
Their mission had not been in vain.

The word of God terms charity as the bond of perfectness, and more emphasis is laid on God’s love for a cheerful giver!

Umala Village

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