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The Medical Camp held in July increased the community’s access to healthcare.

The Nasio Trust, a local NGO, collaborated with the Priscare Wellness department of Umala Mission -to run this years Medical Camp. 


The community received the initiative well, and the high turnup saw the response of patients who arrived as early as 6:30 am. 


The documented number of patients seen was 171. 

Out of those, we had twenty-seven male patients, 114 female patients, and thirty children. 

Forty-two other patients attended the Family Planning Clinic for immunization and antenatal care.

A large number of hypertensive patients also turned up—thirty-six in number. 


 Of the 44 patients sent to the lab, 19 tested positive for Malaria. This number tells us we have a high Malaria infestation rate in Umala. 


Covid vaccines were administered to those who were interested. 


We collaborated well with the Nasio Trust Staff, who were twelve in number, led by Dr. Godfrey & Sister Carol. 

Our staff was also twelve in number, led by Vivian Asero & Moses Odera. 

This Camp was a success in-spite of a few minor challenges.

We plan to have many more Medical Camps at Umala Mission.


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  1. I was extremely delighted to see such great work done in my home town. Am interested in the Priscare wellness as l have a young woman my Cousin to enrol on the course. Please how can l get in contact with you.
    Kind regards
    Sarah Okungu

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