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Journaling on Your Mission Trip

“Journaling is like whispering to one’s self and listening at the same time.”
~Mina Murray

Having a journal while on a mission trip is a great idea.
You will experience different incidents and experiences you may want to document and have them down on paper.

What is a journal?
It is a personal document or written record of incidents and experiences where you reflect and record your life events for a particular period.

Benefits of journaling while on a mission trip:
• Increases gratitude
• Clears your emotions
• The springboard for daily recovery
• Optimizes your creative potential

Increases gratitude
The Bible emphasizes being grateful to God in every situation and circumstances.
In 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18 the word of God tells you to rejoice and give thanks despite the circumstances.
While on a mission you will be grateful for the lives you are leading to Christ. You will come across challenges that will discourage you but at the end of the day when you start putting your thoughts down your mood will be lifted, a new perspective will be opened in your mind and you will be overwhelmed by the goodness life has offered you.
Write down your thoughts, and you will watch your entire life orientation change from scarcity to abundance, sadness to happiness.

Clears your emotions
It’s a fact that you will be homesick; loneliness will lead to sadness because you will miss your family, home, and friends while in a far land.
When you face this, write down your emotions and your experiences, and you will find a quick release of the sadness and pressure you experience.
These intense emotions might cripple your mind and heart; your anger might cloud your mind on the whole purpose of why you went on the mission in the first place.
Be honest in your writing because it will make you feel better, and push you back to your purpose.

The springboard for daily recovery
When you have an eventful day, -since you will come in contact with all kinds of people and events on your mission,
choose to journal your daily events and laugh at the funny encounters as you rest from the day’s activities.
You will recover and rejuvenate ready for the new day ahead because journaling is therapeutic.

Optimizes your creative potential
Each one of us has a creative side. When you make journaling a daily habit, you will be surprised at how creative penning down your experience is.
This habit will optimize your creative potential in no time. Writing might be a hidden talent that you didn’t know you had but will be exposed when you start journaling.
Apostle Peter asks God to show us the gifts and talents so that we can use them for His glory in 1Peter 4: 10
Maybe being an author and writer is your talent! Go ahead journal your experience during your mission and your potential might explode!

Final word
If you choose to journal as a means of recovery after a long day of evangelism, a way to show gratitude or to maximize your creativity, the benefits are enormous and will help you in your day to day activities as a missionary in a foreign land!

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