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How Guys Can Travel Light for Short-Term Missions

When you hear the word traveling, the first thing that comes to mind is packing. Going for a short-term missionary trip is easy. Traveling light should be on your mind as you embark on this journey. 

There are seven key areas for you to consider.

The Climate
Do your initial research about your destination. Then decide on the type of clothing suitable for your visit. Depending on the season you visit, you’ll know what to pack and bring during your stay.


A backpack and small check-in bag or suitcase are highly recommended because they are ideal for traveling light. The backpack is used for primary items while the small check-in bag will carry important documents and small personal items.

Depending on the climate and length of your stay, you should pack several t-shirts which are easy to wash and dry. Neutral colored ones like grey and blue are suitable.

A pair of pants like khaki, jeans, and tracksuit will be an ideal addition to the journey. There is need to carry some shorts and of course some undergarments that will be paired with the above mentioned.

When on a mission trip you will want to be comfortable through your stay.
A pair of sneakers will be suitable for walking, working out and trekking the different terrains in the villages.
Sandals will be ideal in hot areas or when relaxing away from work. There is the need for smart formal shoes that will be paired with the khaki pants for attending church or visiting formal areas like schools and other institutions. At most, a total of three pairs of shoes should be enough for a short-term mission visit.


You can decide to either buy toiletries at the destination or bring them from home.
These include:

• Shampoos, toothbrush, and toothpaste
• Body wash and soap
• Deodorant
• Washcloths
• A bath towel
• Hand sanitizer
• Water bottle
• Sunscreen and sunglasses
• Insect repellant, anti-malarial tablets, painkillers and blister pads.
• Flashlight.

Communication and Entertainment
A smartphone will go a long way and can also be used for entertainment.
One can listen to music and watch movies on their phones which is helpful when relaxing and winding down after a long busy day.
The news channels can be easily accessed from phones as well.
It is natural for one to want to have memories of this incredible trip. A smartphone can take excellent photos.
A phone charger, an external power bank and a set of earbuds should be brought along.

When visiting a foreign country, please make sure you have your passport with you.
Spreading the word of God is your primary focus of the trip so carry along your bible.

A journal is great to document thoughts, ideas, and joys during this trip.
There are vaccinations needed when traveling outside your country so bring along the certificates. While on your trip have enough money with you so that you can buy souvenirs s and gifts.

Please remember to pack a few days before your travel date. Look forward to your trip and go and spread the word of God.
Above all, be hopeful and excited about doing God’s work.

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