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Dealing with Loneliness on a Mission Trip

At some point, loneliness will set in while you are away from home.
You will find yourself asking what you are doing in a far land away from your home.
Is it worth it?
You will doubt what you signed for when you answered the call.

Loneliness is an unpleasant emotional feeling
It’s the anxious feelings you experience when you lack connection and communication with fellow human beings. The funny part is, loneliness can be felt even when you are surrounded by people who care for you.
Loneliness can make you feel isolated, angry and sad. You are not alone though because it is a shared experience that individuals on missions experience.

In Matthew 27:46 Jesus laments and cries out when His father had gone and He felt all alone and lonely.
King David points out in Psalms 31:11 the way his neighbors have deserted him -and no one is concerned about him.

Causes of loneliness
Being homesick
Being away from family and friends
Experiencing a different life from what you are used to
Lack of basic amenities may cause frustration and make you feel lonely.
However, focus on your goal to spread the word of God.

How you can handle loneliness
Develop good relationships while on your mission.
Sharing of your feelings will help in easing the pain that is associated with loneliness.
Make your host your confidant and friend in times of need.
Adapt to your host’s way of living

Put your thoughts on paper, journal your feelings down in your book. There is power in pouring your innermost feelings and thoughts on paper. The weight that comes with the feeling of loneliness will be lifted as you lay down your feelings through words.
Journaling will help you in fighting the feeling of loneliness that will creep in your mission life

Look for the good
As a Christian use loneliness as incense to turn and seek the face of Jesus. The Bible teaches us to take everything that is troubling to the feet of Jesus.
Take your troubled heart to the cross and allow God to turn your ashes into beauty. Develop a deeper meaningful life with God during your lowest moments.
Remind yourself about the loneliness Jesus felt when he was abandoned at the cross.
He came out victorious and brought salvation to the world.
If your Lord and master came out as a victor, you will surely do the same!
Count it all joy even when you are lonely!

Look to yourself and you will find loneliness and despair. But look for Christ and you will find Him and everything else.”

C. S. Lewis

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