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Kenya Hospitals

Best Hospitals in Kenya

Kenya has among the best hospitals in Africa. While on your short-term mission, you cannot rule out falling sick, even if you are a well vaccinated and protected.
The change of weather can cause illness, and you may experience some signs of weaknesses like dizziness and vomiting among other symptoms on your quest to spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus.

In Mathew 14:14, Jesus shows compassion to the crowds and heals the sick, our Lord is capable of healing you from any condition you are suffering from; however, you need to seek treatment from the doctors in the area where you are.
Major hospitals you will find in Kenya include:

• Aga Khan University Hospital – Nairobi
• The Nairobi Hospital
• Aga Khan Hospital – Kisumu
• St. Mary’s Mumias Mission Hospital

Aga Khan University Hospital -Nairobi
Established in 1958, this is one of the premier and referral health care facility in Sub-Saharan Africa and is set up 11 minutes away from the Nairobi City Center.
This hospital is classified as a private care system. It provides high-quality healthcare to anyone who visits the institution.
Aga Khan Nairobi prides itself with a team of medical professionals, comprehensive medical facilities and equipment and offers general medical services, specialist clinics, and diagnostic services.
They have specialized international qualified doctors, who will ensure that you get the best care and access facilities in all medical specialties.
The hospital will require a passport, visa, medical records like X-rays and prescriptions relevant to your condition if any.

The hospital accepts various modes of payment like direct bank transfer, cash and in case you have foreign currency, there is a bank that can facilitate currency exchange with the help of the hospital staff.
They also accept international insurance cover, but it has to be verified before admission.
Away from the medical related areas, there are internet facilities that can help you keeping in touch with your family back home as you recuperate.
As a missionary. Spirituality is the main reason you are in the country; Aga Khan has prayer rooms that accommodate different spiritual needs.
Aga Khan has earned some international recognition like; it is the first hospital to be accredited by the Joint Commission International USA.
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The Nairobi Hospital
The Nairobi hospital is a private facility established in 1954 located outside the Nairobi city center.
This facility was opened as an exclusively European Hospital in the country in 1954 and started serving non-Europeans in 1961, and had its name changed to Nairobi Hospital.
The Nairobi Hospital has achieved several awards and accreditation among them Occupational Safety and Health Policy 2018; Environmental policy 2018. Food safety policy 2018, fire safety policy 2018.

Up to 20% of hospital’s patients are foreign nationals who receive comprehensive general practice and specialist services which go hand in hand with advanced medical technology, and excellent customer service.
With international trained doctors, the patients receive efficient treatment from whichever condition they are suffering from.
It has excelled in medical expertise and services which has earned it recognition throughout East Africa and beyond.

Nairobi hospital prides itself with the latest modern technology and types of equipment that has made it possible for procedures that were initially carried outside of the country -be possible.
Apart from medical services, the Nairobi Hospital offers visa applications and extension, traveling planning, secretarial services, concierge services like a currency exchange and car rentals.
The Nairobi Hospital; accepts all international insurances services and have dedicated staff representatives who will assist the patients and families for financial details during their visits at the hospital.
In cases of language barrier among the patients and the medical staff, the hospital provides interpreters at no additional cost to assist in communication between the medical team and the patients.
It is well-staffed with qualified professionals whose knowledge and expertise excel in treating and giving relief to the sick.
While on a mission and you are taken ill, this institution is one that you can rely on and count on for the restoration of your health.
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Aga Khan Hospital – Kisumu
Located 1.7 miles away from the Kisumu city, this hospital is part of Aga Khan Health Services International system with close links to Aga Khan University Nairobi.
It was established in 1952 in Kisumu and operates satellite medical centers in Kisii town with possibilities of having additional centers in Kakamega and Busia shortly.

This hospital provides general medical services, specialists clinics, and high diagnostic services with well-equipped 24 hours’ emergency departments.
Since 2004, this hospital has received several awards for their diagnostic & treatment services.
The areas of specialization for Aga Khan Hospital Kisumu is Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Acute-Care.
It has 24-hour emergency and ambulances services which are helpful while you are on a mission and fall ill.
A deposit is required on admission, and all the bills must be fully paid before discharge.
The ideal method of payment is with your credit card or cash for any services rendered.
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Kenya Hospitals



St. Mary’s Mumias Mission Hospital
Located 20 miles from Kakamega town.
This is a private Hospital and nursing home which is owned by the Catholic Secretariat in the region.
As one of the leading mission hospitals in the region, St Mary’s Mumias’ mandate is to promote comprehensive health care services while witnessing and promoting the love of Christ through treating and healing.

This hospital provides mostly general medical services and a few specialist clinics to its patients.
With its trained medical personnel, St. Mary’s Mumias Mission Hospital is capable of attending to your medical requirements in case a need arises during your mission trip. This hospital is one of the most resourceful hospitals in the region and serves a large population.

Good Health
John, the evangelist, prayed for good health as you nourish your soul and spirit in 3 John 1: 2
The Lord, your God, will take away sickness and restore your health according to Exodus 23:25.
Take enough rest as you recuperate after your hospital visit.

Read your bible, journal down your thoughts and remember that the Lord himself promises to heal you in Exodus 15:26

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  1. Hello Évry one
    Hope you are getting very well
    Am Dr nyatemu Gilbert from drc ,a permanent doctor at muhima district hospitalier ,Kigali Rwanda.
    I would like to work with you and discover how beautiful is Kenya.
    You will let me know,God bless you all.
    Dr Gilbert

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