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The Greatest Missionaries to Emulate

A Missionary is an individual who sets out to convert people and spread the good news from the Bible to the nations.
As a missionary, you answer a call from God to go and preach the gospel to every creature according to Mark 16:15.
The Bible outlines some of the greatest missionaries that you can draw inspiration from and emulate in your life.
These exemplary missionaries include:

⦁ Paul
⦁ Shadrack, Meshach, and Abednego
⦁ John the Baptist
⦁ The Maid

Apostle Paul
Paul was totally engrossed by the purpose of Christ. He yearned to get the glory for God in all the places he preached. Paul was ambitious to preach the gospel, his heart burned with the desire to make the good news heard among many nations. In Romans 15:20 Paul’s ambition is seen when he says that he wants to reach to places where Christ has not.
As a missionary, what is your ambition? What drives your heart in this calling?

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
These three were good friends of Daniel, and they spend their lives together in their younger days.
When Daniel left Jerusalem, they went along and worked with him when he rose to ranks in power. When King Nebuchadnezzar put up an idol, and the trio refused to worship it, he had them thrown in the hot furnace, but they were seen walking in the fire with a fourth man and showed no sign of burning. It took courage to refuse a direct order from the King and face the consequences. As a missionary, you will face similar situations, temptations to denounce your faith but be encouraged to stand firm and fight for what you believe.

John the Baptist
John the Baptist was prophesied upon by Prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 40: 3 as the voice that was crying for the people to prepare the way in the wilderness from Jehovah while leveling the desert as a highway for our God.
John preached with so much boldness; a character that every missionary should emulate and work with in his or her journey. John the Baptist knew and understood that Jesus was the focus in the world and in his preaching and not himself, as a missionary, put God first in your journey. In Luke 7: 19 onward, John is in doubt but he trusted Jesus for directions. As a modern-day missionary, the voice of doubt will linger in your mind enough times but get your reassurance from Jesus Christ to keep going on.

The Maid
The Bible tells a story on Captain Naaman of the armies of Syria who was afflicted by leprosy. There was a little maid in his household who had been captured from Jerusalem. This maid despite being in a foreign land, alone with strangers shared the good news of Prophet Elisha in her home country who could heal Naaman. Her love of the people is exemplary; despite her hardship, she shared the good news of healing and Gods power.
As a missionary, do not forget your mandate despite the circumstances and difficulties. Keep sharing the good news and spreading the word of God.

Jesus Christ
Our Lord is the greatest of them all; He initiated the missionary movement.
Jesus knew His mission from the start, and He aligned himself with it. He carried out His duties with so much passion and fulfilled all that He was sent to accomplish on earth.
As per John 3: 17, Jesus came to save the world and not condemn it, and he did precisely that by proclaiming the good news, making disciples along the way who later become missionaries and continued with the work. He established churches wherever he went.
Let the Lord Jesus be your ultimate inspiration to continue your excellent work.

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